Security of Funds

Key partnerships have been secured at each stage of the Gold Buying Cycle to ensure both the smooth running of the process and the security of clients’ funds.

All monies are processed through a Solicitor controlled escrow account.

  • Regulated banking arrangements in the UK and in Dubai
  • Fully insured transportation provided by major International provider
  • Funds are not released to the mine until satisfactory certification has been completed at the refinery process. All client funds are safely secured in escrow or via collateral.

Client Journey

The fees associated with the solicitor controlled secure escrow account are:

  • A charge of 1% applied on capital deposits (the amount of 1% is deducted at the point of deposit and the remainder is placed into the gold ‘cycle’ service).
  • A charge of 1% on profits withdrawn.
Fees are in relation to the running of the escrow account and are charged by the Trustee / escrow agents, NOT Refined Assets Ltd.

Each new client will be required to read, agree to and sign the escrow agreement – this digital based document can be found in the client login section, where only approved clients can gain access.

The infographic roadmap below shows the process flow from start to finish, including new client registration, deposit of funds, gold purchase & sale and profit distribution via our SRA solicitor controlled escrow account.

The fund flow diagram below is based on a £1M account, utilising our solicitor controlled escrow agreement and taking into account the fees that apply for this service. The value of return is based on the maximum amount of 1.75% per cycle (subject to change).