The Process

The 'RAW to BAR' Process

The end-to-end process is fully insured and the Gold is tested, verified & certified at each stage and to industry standards to ensure its quality and value and our processes are regularly reviewed by our in house ‘general counsel’ (SRA regulated solicitor).

Through direct relations with the core owners of Gold Mines, and with partnerships in place for each stage of the buying/selling process, we have secured contracts to offer a unique service to ‘product procure & price secure’.  Unrefined Gold is bought at source and once verified by the Central Bank, it is air lifted to some of the largest refineries in the world. Once weighed, tested, refined & certified the final step is to sell to the Gold for profit. This whole process allows Gold to be procured at under market value and sold for a healthy profit, ensuring your funds appreciate every time we undertake a ‘cycle’.

All buyers will have access to our dedicated client care team, who will provide support and assistance throughout the Gold buying cycle, should you need it.

Our ‘Raw to Bar’ Gold cycles ensure you are able to profit from our procurement process & sales logistics every time.

Price secure & procure unrefined Gold at below market value
Ship to refinery to refine the Gold
Sell to pre-contracted buyer for a profit

Responsible Sourcing Policy

RAL takes the sourcing of gold extremely seriously and as part of our compliance and duty of care ethics, we incorporate strict policies as an integral part of our service. RAL and its strategic partners work to very high standards, including anti money laundering and fighting against serious abuses of human rights and crime.  We undertake to work closely with our chosen mining communities & partners to ensure the safety and security for all concerned, including the miners. As part of our continued duty of care protocols, we always ensure the necessary steps are taken to bind our working relationships and to assist the communities by way of helping in multiple areas, from educating workers on health and safety issues to financially assisting in the development and well being of the families and children within each community, and this extends to helping with agricultural needs and even schooling for the younger villagers.

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  • Under an individual legal purchase contract, clients' funds are used to buy and sell Gold for profit
  • Average buying/selling cycle is approximately 10 days
  • Up to 1.75% return on capital (subject to change)
  • Up to 4 cycles taking place per month
  • Withdraw your funds giving just 1 months' notice
  • All Fully insured & managed for you

Example of returns on a £100,000.00 capital injection, using a return value of 1.75%:

  • Total returned value of £101,750.00 on your first cycle
  • 4 cycles returns £107,185.90
  • 48 cycles returns £229,959.87


You will be provided with regular updates on the purchase cycles, profit status and options to control returns.

You will receive a report displaying your account balance with profits achieved each month, giving you the ability to either withdraw or repeat the process. When repeating and entering into a new cycle, we simply purchase larger quantities of Gold re-using your initial capital and/or profits, leading to greater compounded returns.

Each month clients will have the option to:

  1. Continue to repurchase using their capital and/or profits gained (or part of) and therefore compound the funds
  2. Withdraw the initial funds plus profit – giving just 30 days’ notice
  3. Withdraw the initial funds and leave the profit to compound
  4. Receive delivery of the Gold itself – please note import and export fees could apply

Should you wish to increase your capital at any point in the future, you can do so by completing a new online order form and the funds will be added to your account and included in the next cycle.